TBC Race Cars Mission Statement

Getting back to what a truly love and missed..... Drag Racing! It's been far to long away from the track. I've built some fine race cars over the years, which has taken time from us going racing! I believe us getting back to the track with our own car will help in all aspects of the business and our customers! So I've made the decision to only do race cars from here on out! I know being human, we all make mistakes, and I've made some! But No More! I'm ready to put TBC Race Cars back in action! The quality and craftsmanship, time mangement, and delivering on time, is going to be the upmost important!

Building a complete tube chassis, upgrade that old set-up or anything else that it takes to make you get down the 1/4 mile is my mission! 

I'm here, stop in, let's talk about your next build! Tim Bradham



The TBC Race Cars/Morris Racing ProMod will be out hot and heavy this '15 Season! Hope to see y'all at the tracks!

Tim Bradham

TBC Race Cars specializing in 10.5 Outlaw, Pro Mod, Drag Radial, and much more.