"Tales From The Dark Side" or better known as the Legendary Adventures of Elwood.

For a quick bio,
My name is Elwood and I am an alcoholic and part time everything guy, but my passion is to learn how to make a car go fast and straight, until the road courses come that is.  I have learned different things over the years from some really great people I call "Brothers."  I don’t have the space nor the time to go into them all now, but check back here from time to time and you can see where in the world I am and who are some great friends I meet along the way.

6 January 2011

Today I will talk about some of my brothers in the Road Devils Car Club up here in Harrisburg, PA.  I just happened to have a gig out here and had the pleasure of seeing how guys with the same mind set, same passions as I do and most people reading this blog.  I got to hang out and take some pics and try some apple pie moonshine.  So to my brothers Mike, Nico, Brad and Joel, It was my honor and pleasure meeting you all.  Mike has a 7 story building that truly is a one stop shop.  We did a tour of it and there was history all over the place. To see just the fabrication done for the wood burning stove was amazing.  I haven’t started taking good pics yet but I will get better over time.  We left his shop and headed across the river to brad’s house and his garage.  As we sat and talked about the projects they had and I got to add my 2 cents in about all the things I have learned on 'C' notching, 'Z'-ing frames and pie cutting for chop jobs, etc.  I was feeling pretty good, and then I realized I was over a 12 pack in and I had to brief a lot of important people the next day!  It is incredible how good it is to sit around and meet with guys the first time and how much everyone has in common and see that their lifestyles are not that much different from the rest of us. (even if they are Yankees!)

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Wood Burning Stove with Air Returns

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