Robert Morris / TBC '68 Pro Mod Camaro

After helping out Robert Morris with his 10.5 Outlaw Mustang which ran 4.90's 1/8 mile. Robert came down and talked to us about building him a new car. His choice was a '68 Camaro. Being a Tim McAmis dealer, we ordered Robert a body and chassis kit (unwelded). After having a very successful 2010 test/race season with running a best of 1.03 60 ft and a 4.58 1/8 mile run on one stage. Robert wanted to change up the 2011 season up with a new combo, the BBC will sport a 14-71 blower set-up with a fresh bottom end. We will have the Camaro back soon to switch over for the Blower set-up, and hope to be testing within weeks to come!


Tim Bradham

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