Custom bikes are a passion of ours. If you're interested in a bike being built, or just some simple fab. work, stop in and let's talk!

TBC Hot Rods & Bikes was one of the top 3 the winners of the Pro Class at the Smoke Out XV Bike Show!

Where do I start on this build? It was a year or so ago that we put this Sportster on the jig table and began the TBC hard tail section. At the time, Tommy and Nate were working with me in making my vision come to life. After they left Josh Cipra showed up on my door step, and was already Harley certified! Thus began a great working relationship between the two of us for bike building. Josh helped me a lot on the bikes in his off-time from the military. So I gave the Sporty to Josh and told him I would help him build it. Josh went to work on it, and with both of us bouncing ideas off of one another, the bike started to take shape. He decided not to run a front brake, picked up a spool and spokes, ran up to my stash of Harley parts and grabbed a 21" rim. He built it and mounted an Avon speed master tire. LowBrow Customs had the aluminum rear fender that set right with the Shinko 240 classic 16" tire. We had an aluminum sphere, which we cut in half, rolled some aluminum flat plate, and then bead rolled it to make the oil bag. He built many custom parts like the foot controls, stainless "Z" bars, risers, and clutch perch. Josh shaved the fork legs and lowered them, cut and polished the cam cover, built the battery box, stainless license plate frame, and wrapped the seat pan with leather. He used a machine oiler for the rear brake reservoir, built a crazy one-off set of stainless pipes, built a velocity stack and mounted it on a 38mm flat slide carburator. He then cleaned and painted the 1200 Evo sportster engine. We gave the frame to Eastover Coating for the candy green. Then our in-house painter, Robbie Lynch, sprayed the tank, along with laying some graphics. For all of the hard work and determination, it payed off when we decided to put the bike in the Pro Class at The Horse SmokeOut #15, where it was chosen as one of this year's top 3 winners. There will be a full article coming out soon in The Horse Magazine, so pick one up if you get the chance and stop in for an autograph from Josh........... :-)!

Special Thanks to:

The Horse Magazine

Lowbrow Customs

Eastover Coatings

Antigravity Battery

BASF Carizzma Paint

Avon Tires

Shinko Tires


Brad Tindall, Robbie Lynch, and Paul Rodriguez for their hard work, in letting Josh and I build the bikes!

Very Special Thanks to:

Jennifer Bell Bradham for all the support over the years, and the rad photography!

Jessa Rae Joel for being understanding and letting Josh do what he loves!