Jim Brown NMRA/NMCA 10.5 Outlaw Mustang

I built this 25.2 Mustang years ago for another owner who ran a SBF with a single turbo which ran 7.47 in the 1/4. I was told by other sources that he sold the car because he didn't think it would handle more power...... So when Jim got the car, he brought it to me for some changes. We went out and ran the car with a smaller SBF and 2 stages and out ran the previous set up. Over the years Jim has played around with different engine combos, but his latest has got to be the best by far. With a 4.18 @181 & 6.36 @219mph at a XDRL X-Treme Event I'd say he's come along way! Recently Dragzine done a write up on his progress, check it out! 

"2016 UPDATE"

Jim brought the mustang in for some updating. Which included tube chassis front clip, titanium firewall, new belly pans, redo of the headers, new F3 crank driven Procharger, plumbing.... Knocking off some weight which hopefully will allow some 3.90 1/8 mile runs!