Taylor's XS650


  • Disassembled frame and swing arm.
  • Shaved old mounting tabs and filled holes.
  • Modified seat pan location and down tubes.     
  • Media blast and powdercoat.


Engine and Exhaust

  • Went through the engine to insure everything was operational an installed all new seals.
  • New ignition system installed to insure it will never leave you on the side of the road!
  • Custom Stainless Steel exhaust, hand made in house, then wrapped.

Controls and Brackets

  • Custom control brackets and levers made in house.
  • Rear tail light and lisence plate mount fabricated and drilled.


  • Hand-hammered and shaped.
  • English wheeled.
  • Fully upholstered and riveted.

Brakes and Wheels

  • Wheels were balanced.
  • Wheels were broken down and sent off to powder coat.
  • Wheels came back and repacked with  new bearings.
  • Wrapped the fresh wheels in a new set of Avon tires.
  • Dual caliper brake conversion along with new brakes in the rear will insure you to come to a nice stop!

This was the last shot we got right before Taylor hopped on it and drove to Charleston, SC.

Thank you, Taylor, for the journey before the ride.